Malaysia Non-Ferrous Metals Association
Malaysia Non-Ferrous Metals Association
Malaysia Non-Ferrous Metals Association

About MNMA

MNMA, the abbreviation for ‘Malaysia Non-Ferrous Metals Association’, was formed and registered with the Registrar of Societies in June 2019 under the name of ‘Persatuan Logam Bukan Ferus Malaysia’.

As its name denotes, MNMA was formed to bring together Non-Ferrous industry within the nation under one entity. In togetherness under this entity, the Association was formed with the objective of:

Aligning and standardizing non-ferrous metals importation code with government authorities particularly on hazardous and non- hazardous waste

Playing a role as communication bridge between industrial players and government authorities in order to promote goal congruence

Educating and self-policing members to abide with rules and regulations especially on matters related to environmental aspects

Promoting the blossom of upstream industry thereby encourages downstream players to invest in Malaysia

Embracing global changes through interactive cooperation and work together with other associations in the world

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote Malaysia to become a central hub for non- ferrous industry in
South East Asia region.